Menopause Support

Therapies targeted specifically to help you through the transition of menopause and into your next life stage

Complementary Menopause Support

We offer complementary therapies targeted to support women struggling with menopause related symptoms. For those using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or those who have decided HRT is not the right treatment for them – either way there is additional support available to help navigate this often difficult life transition.

Menopause symptoms can be experienced many years before the actual menopause (which is defined as the moment a woman has her last period). The years before menopause are known as the peri-menopausal stage and this begins for most women at around the age of 45yrs.

There is no need to visit the GP for a blood test if a woman is over 45 years of age and suffering with menopausal symptoms, as blood tests are often inconclusive. The NICE guidelines (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence) state that perimenopause can be diagnosed “without laboratory tests in otherwise healthy women aged over 45 years with menopausal symptoms”. National Institute for Health & Care Excellence

The therapists listed below are qualified to offer support as you move through the stages of peri-menopause, and throughout your life after menopause:

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