For over 25 years I have been helping people deal with their health problems. During this time I have developed various techniques to ensure that my interventions are both appropriate and compassionate. While I really enjoy helping people with their recovery I am also delighted to assist others with their relaxation, which goes so far to keep their bodies balanced and help avoid new problems.

I do not have enough space to give justice to the various therapies in which I have been trained but have included below a very brief summary of their potential benefits.


Reflexology has been helping people deal with health problems for thousands of years. A wall painting of two men receiving foot and hand reflexology dated around 2,330 BC in Egypt was found in what has been called, “The Physician's Tomb”.

Reflexology does not claim to cure medical problems but instead treats the person, encouraging their own innate healing processes to help them deal with their illness on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. People say that it is also tremendously relaxing so is ideal to help sooth away anxieties and tension.


Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, was developed based on the Eastern philosophy that we are surrounded by healing energy which, when passed into the body by a Reiki practitioner, can assist it to recover from ailments. It has been likened to a gentle stream, smoothing out rugged stones to turn them into pebbles. Again, many people feel very relaxed after a session.

Polarity Therapy

This is another system based on Eastern beliefs that energy flows through our bodies and that ‘blockages’ in the path can cause problems with our health. In some ways it is similar to acupuncture meridians, except that we use a wider network of pathways, without needles, to help energy flows break through or by-pass the blockages. Another fantastic way of helping people.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, either to assist in your recovery from illness, etc. or to luxuriate in blissful, pamper ‘me time’ in a safe, welcoming environment, please contact me on 01737 370474 or 07768 211432 for a confidential, no obligation chat to discuss your needs. 

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30 minutes - £35

60 minutes - £50

90 minutes - £73