Encouraging Your Energy To Flow With Fluidity

A time to deeply relax, release tension and enhance your wellbeing. I have been practicing the wonderful art of Reflexology for over twenty years and have not ceased to be amazed by how cleverly we have been created with reflex points on our feet, hands, face, ears, that correspond to all the parts of the body.

As a Reflexologist I work holistically and my intention is to support and encourage people of all ages to feel emotionally and physically better within themselves. To encourage energy flow by deeply relaxing the areas that are holding on, calming the areas that need soothing, encouraging the release of feel good hormones, working with what you present me with.

I have practiced Reflexology for a number of years and I have experience working in many different areas of emotional health and physical wellbeing. This includes working as a Reflexologist at The Recovery Centre in London, working alongside psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and other holistic therapists, together supporting adolescents and adults going through particularly difficult times. I have also volunteered for three years at the incredible Macmillan Centre at East Surrey Hospital.

Reflexology Supporting You Through

Changes, Transition, The Menopause

Sometimes we need a helping hand when going through changes in our lives. Some changes can feel especially overwhelming both physically and emotionally. Reflexology can play a helpful part.

Fortunately the Menopause is being spoken about more openly these days and women are less likely to suffer in silence. Woman’s Hour on radio 4 devoted a week to women talking about and sharing their personal experience. This can be found on the Woman’s Hour Podcast.

Some women glide through the transition with ease. However many women find themselves on a hormonal rollercoaster with a variety of symptoms, which can at times feel/be totally overwhelming. On a psychological level a woman who has felt on the whole on an even keel can unexpectedly find themselves for no apparent life changing reason, feeling very low in mood. Women who have previously felt socially confident suddenly find themselves feeling uncharacteristically ill at ease in social situations. These are a couple of examples of how it can affect women in their day to day lives.

Some women experience hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances and just don’t get enough sleep due to the fluctuating hormones. Not enough sleep in itself effects how one feels and how one copes with day to day life.

The transition can also bring up thoughts about fertility as a woman approaches the new stage of womanhood and a woman may feel mournful in this process. It’s so important to talk to other women. More often than not, shared experiences will sound familiar and it’s helpful to have the reassurance that you are not alone and that it is the HORMONES and not necessarily the new you.

The new you will eventually be around the corner and when you arrive there. you may find yourself rejoicing and embracing this next stage of womanhood!

Reflexology Supporting People Experiencing Stress, Anxiety, Low Mood

Reflexology Supporting You Through Changes, Transition, The Menopause

Maternity Reflexology Supporting You Through All The Stages of Pregnancy and Post Natally

Reflexology For Wellbeing

Nadine is a member of the Association of Reflexologists and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.


  • Treatment fee – £55

Please allow yourself 90 mins for your session.

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